Hogging Heads

Typical installations are on panel cut up systems, gang ripsaws, and double-end tenoning machines.

The primary use of hogging heads it to edge-trim boards or panel while hogging up the offal for either reuse back into the product (such as with particle board) or to reduce it to chip size for easier disposal or incineration. The number of replaceable segments in each hogging head is determined by the individual customers need using customer supplied information on the material being cut, the feed rate of the material being cut, and the speed the tool is turning.

Hogging heads in either 1-1/2” or 1” widths and diameters ranging from 8” up to 32” can be ganged together to form a hogging unit of whatever width and diameter the customer needs in order to fully trim away any unneeded material.

With over 40 years of manufacturing hogging heads, R&S has the knowledge and ability to address any trimming application.