Tenon Heads

Typical installations are on gang ripsaws and double-end tenoning machines…

The primary use of tenon heads is to either make a notch or a tenon in solid wood or composite wood boards. As with our hogging heads, tenon heads are specifically designed and tailored to each customer’s needs.

Available widths start at 1” wide and go up to 4” wide and as with our hogging heads, multiple tenon heads can be ganged up to make widths greater than 4”. Also, as with our hogging heads, each carbide tipped segment is replaceable and the number of segments is determined by the customer’s specifications on material being cut, the feed rate of the material being cut, and the speed the tool is turning.

Tenon head edger blades can be mounted on both sides to create a notching head or a reversible tenon head. Tenon heads can even be mounted on vertical spindles for use on door sizing systems.